A membership of the Vereniging Rembrandt means you help to build a rich and flourishing art collection that everyone can enjoy. Now and in the future.

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28 or younger? A membership with the Vereniging Rembrandt costs only € 28 per year.
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Over 28 years old? As a Gezel, a membership costs you €75 (€ 110 for two people).
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Want to get more involvement in the art collection of the Netherlands? And at the same time make optimal use of tax benefits? Then become a Meester at the Vereniging Rembrandt.

Rembrandt kaart

Free acces

The Rembrandt card

The museums are very grateful to the Vereniging Rembrandt for their support in strengthening their collections. That's why they offer their members free access on presentation of the Rembrandt card. The card is valid over a large number of museums all over the Netherlands

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