Members of the Vereniging Rembrandt span all ages and walks of life. What unites them, is their belief that good art should be shared with everyone.

Uitdrukking geven aan verbondenheid

The Vereniging Rembrandt geeft op verschillende manieren uitdrukking aan de verbondenheid van haar leden. Door middel van de Rembrandtkaart bijvoorbeeld, die elk lid vrije toegang geeft tot alle musea die door de Vereniging zijn gesteund, but also by regularly organising events, such as exclusive exhibition previews. The members of the Vereniging Rembrandt also have voting rights. In the General Assembly, which takes place once a year, the members present zijn belast met besluiten aangaande het voortbestaan en de organisatie van de vereniging.

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Rembrandt Pass

Free access to over 120 museums

De leden van de Vereniging Rembrandt zijn lid om het ideaal, omdat zij geloven dat de openbare kunstcollecties in Nederland van grote betekenis zijn voor mens en maatschappij. Als dank voor hun bijdrage aan het openbaar kunstbezit, bieden de gesteunde musea de leden op vertoon van hun Rembrandtkaart (Rembrandt Pass) vrije toegang.

If I were rich, I would have been an art patron. By being a member of the Vereniging Rembrandt, I feel like I sort of am.

Anonymous Member survey, 2017
The art of giving

A key way to help strengthen and safeguard Dutch public art collections is to become a member of the Vereniging Rembrandt. With your yearly contribution you ... But to be able to carry on our mission, the Vereniging Rembrandt also depends heavily on donations and legacy gifts.They make a tremendous difference to what we can achieve.


Every donation, whether large or small, helps our mission for stronger ... Eenmalige schenkingen, that might result in special memberships or recurring memberships. Tax-efficient. Besides private individuals, there are

donation or leave a legacy gift to the Vereniging Rembrandt. Many of the donations and legacy gifts that the Vereniging Rembrandt receives are ondergebracht in funds. Currently, the Vereniging Rembrandt has over 60 funds. ... of these are so-called Fondsen op Naam, designated funds which enable their initiators to support the mission of the Vereniging Rembrandt in a very personal way. Zo is er een fonds specifically meant to help acquire works of art by Dutch artists from the first half of the 20th century (Ruze Fonds) and a fund that was established to support research into the conservation of works of art on paper (Van der Klauw Fonds). To find out more about donating or leaving a legacy gift to the Vereniging Rembrandt, including tax-efficient ways to give, please contact (for donations) the head of our Patronage Department, Paul van den Biesen, or (for legacy gifts) our secretary, Leonie Pels Rijcken.

See, think, do, care

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